INOVACAT announces hiring of Dr. Bart de Graaf to lead its innovation projects

22/11/2017: Today INOVACAT announced the hiring of Dr. Bart de Graaf as Chief Technology Officer of the company. "We are very lucky to be able to hire Bart as we consider him one of the top five catalyst experts in the world. As the company has been growing, Bart will take over my role in leading the further development of the catalyst system of our GASOLFIN™ technology" says Ray Fletcher, CEO of the company. "I am excited to further push the development of GASOLFIN™ and other breakthrough technologies in INOVACAT's portfolio" says Dr. Bart de Graaf.

Bart holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Twente University and a Ph.D. in Heterogeneous Catalysis from the University of Amsterdam. Bart has worked in various technical and leadership roles in research and technical sales with Akzo Nobel/Albemarle Catalyst Company and Johnson Matthey Process Technologies. Dr. Bart de Graaf has authored several papers in both trade - and peer reviewed journals, especially on fluid catalytic cracking, its catalysis and chemistry.